The story behind this blog!😊 & an announcement!!🙃

Helllo peeps! whats-up?? I got this post idea from Akriti@Recipe of life! Thankyou so much!!😘😘

Now let’s start with the topic!!


The story behind this blog!

So at starting of this pandemic we were all at home.. Online classes had started and all that. Me and my friends found a wonderful way to connect which was through hangouts which most of you would be using.

My friend Chloe Garcia recommended me to visit WordPress.. She is a wonderful blogger. Through her I got to know many of you. I got inspired by reading those wonderful posts. You all inspired me a lot!!!🥰 I had a conversation with my mother and she agreed.

That’s how I made a decision to start a blog. So I started my blog in the month of August. My blogs name was ‘Sunshine’. I got a lot of support and love from you all.

Then came a sad part. I had to leave my blog because of a personal reason. Though I was sure to return to this wonderful way of expressing myself.

I came back like after a month or something like that! I changed my blog name to Krisha’s Twilight.


(I’m sorry if I went toooo dramatic, I just wanted to express my feelings) So guys this was the story behind this blog.

And one more thing.. last time I asked you all to give any assumptions about me.. you sadly didn’t!! but no problem! If you want you can still mail them to me now!!! at Can’t wait to see your assumptions!!


I gotta make a new sign off

32 thoughts on “The story behind this blog!😊 & an announcement!!🙃”

  1. Here are my assumptions (sorry I think I missed it when you asked us before)

    You love K-pop
    You like to make friends online
    You don’t like to play videogames
    You want to study abroad
    You would love to own a library

    That’s it for now, I’ll let you know if I have more😁

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  2. I’m glad you’re back! Sorry, I think I missed your post about assumptions. December is a busy month! Anyway, my assumptions about you, you love school/studying, you like cake than pie, and you like writing stories?

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  3. Great post!
    My Assumptions:
    You like music🎶
    Spring is your favourite season🌸
    Your favourite colour is blue💙
    You love pizza 🍕
    You love chocolates🍫

    Lots of love,

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