Assumptions about me!

Hi peeps! I’ve been waiting to do this post!!! So you read the title already hm..

So guys thankyou thankyou thankyou for sending me your assumptions! I’ll answer them all!

Let’s start

Ananya’s assumptions-
You are a very funky person
Ans. You can me like that!😆
You are good at studies
Ans. I guess! I do get good marks..😉
You are very productive
Ans. Oh yes yes yes yes! IDK about the others but I think I am very productive!

You got all right! congrats!🎉

D’s assumptions-
You love the colour, yellow.
Ans. Oh yes I do! I like yellow, pink, blue, purple and red!💛💙💜❤️(just imagine a pink heart here!) heheh
You enjoy learning new concepts.
Ans. Yeah! it happens rarely in subjects link Hindi and all!
You don’t like drawing very much
Ans. oops! you got that wrong.. but no worries! I love drawing! but I don’t show it off so you guys don’t know about it…

You just got 1 wrong! but I never talked about that so…! congrats!!🎉

Reese’s assumptions-
You like dogs
Ans. Oh yes I do! I may get one after my little sis turns 5 basically when I become a tween or a teen!
You enjoy writing stories

Ans. Correct!
You love baking

Ans. I love it!

Ding ding ding! you got all right!

Akriti’s assumptions-
You are an introvert
Ans. IDK what I am but I think I am a person who is between introvert and extrovert😃
You don’t like sports
Ans. Umm…. I actually love them!😞😁
You love computers
Ans. kinda! I am interested in them!😊

You almost got all correct!

Sakshi’s assumptions-
You are an introvert.
Ans. i’m a mix
You are academically productive.

Ans. Yes!
You don’t like sports.

Ans. I love them!

You got almost all correct!!

Anushka’s assumptions-
U like the colour blue
Ans. Oh yes I do!
U love winter season most

Ans. I love winter and spring!
You love listening English songs

Ans. I love listening to them!(I’m listening to one right now!😆)
You love reading books

Ans. Of course I do!
And love travelling

Ans. Yes yes yes!

Ding dong ding! you got all right!!

Nehal’s assumptions-
You are an extrovert
Ans. As I said before.. I don’t exactly know!🤨
You love makeup
Ans. Nope! I hate putting it.. though I have to in school for dance!🤪
You love unicorns.
Ans. Yes I do!🦄

You got most of them right!

Poorwa’s assumptions-
You love K-pop
Ans. Hmm… I kinda do!🙃
You like to make friends online

Ans. I guess yes! cause I have made many online!
You don’t like to play video games

Ans. I do sometimes!
You want to study abroad

Ans. I’ve never thought of that in detail.. but I do wanna study abroad
You would love to own a library

Ans. Umm… never thought of that🤨

You got almost all correct!

Ariel’s assumptions-
you love school
Ans. – yes, I do love going to school!
you like cake than pie
Ans. Yessssssssss
and you like writing stories?
Ans. Yes I do!

Ding ding ding! You got all correct!

Asmi’s assumptions-
You’re an ambivert.
Ans. IDK
You LOVE books!
Ans. YES I do!
You love the colour purple!
Ans. yesss!

You kinda got all correct!

(takes a 2 min break)

Roshni’s assumptions-
You like music
Ans. yes, I do!
Spring is your favourite season

Ans. Yes! I love spring and winter!
You love pizza 

Ans. Yes! I like it.. not exactly love😊
You love chocolates

Ans. Yes! especially dark😋

Ting ting ting! you got all right!

Chloe’s assumptions-
You like pizza
Ans. Yes! I do
You love learning
Ans. Yessssss
You like stuffed animals.
Ans. Yessssss! I love them!!!!!
You love blogging
Ans. Yeah!

Ding ding ding! You got all correct!

Done done done done!

*sighs* That was fun! I hope it you had fun reading! I’m sorry if I missed any of your assumptions.. If I did then pls tell in the comments!

So guys! I’m tiered of typing nonstop for an hour.. so no sign off just the normal one🙃

Will see you soon! with an award/tag post!!

Are there any similarities between you and me?? Let’s chat in the comments!

Have a great day!!