Happy Birthday to 2 people!

Heyo peeps, I know I know this was to be an award post but I’m sorry I will do them laterrrr!!

So starting with the post!

So according to IST here it is 26th feb 8:48a.m. So yesterday was 25th here I’m really sorry I couldn’t wish you yesterday but I will today!!!


I’m really sorry Shruthika I coudn’t make anything special for you!

So guys what are you waiting for!! go spam her comments with birthday wishes!!

But waaiiittt!!!! go after reading this post!!!

So next is my Grand mom’s birthday!!!!!!! (26th feb) Sooo yesterday night I made a card for her and wrote a poem… and left it in kitchen around 12am so that she doesn’t realise that I came downstairs and today morning as I went downstairs she hugged me!!! WAIT A SEC! WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS AMAZINGLY BORING STORY!!!

So This is how the poem goes…

To my loving grandmother with all my heart…

You gave your life for us,
You were always concentrated on us.

You are the one who helps me with studies,
Oh! we are like the best buddies!

When you scold me I may have not realised,
That it is blessing in disguise!

You are the shining star in the sleepy sky,
You are the wings which will help me fly!


So guys (DO NOT COPY) I wrote this on my own! I hope you like it!!!

( I’m sorry this post was without emojis as emojis were not working on my laptop!)

So will see you soon!


I’m back from Hiatus! + Some announcements!

Heyo!!!!! I’m finally back!!!! My exams are over YAY! I missed you’all So so much!!!!

Now back to the original intro😉 Welcome to my blog Krisha’s Twilight if your new! And Welcome backk!!!!!

My new divider!

So peeps I have some announcements!

  1. Thankyou so so so much for nominating me for the tags and awards!❤️ I’m really sorry if I’m not able to do the tag you’ve nominated me for! I will slowly slowly start doing the awards in sometime.
  2. I’ve created a contact page! If any questions or anything just send it through that page!
  3. Finally! Evin helped me make a blog button!!!!!! So a big big thanks to her! And i made a Blog buttons page! So If you want to exchange just drop a comment at that page!
  4. Wait wait wait! I’m not done yet! So as you guys would have noticed I’ve changed my background and everything! I’ve moved from my winter theme
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So that’s it!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Love ya’all! 💕


My new sign off!

Blog Promotion RAFFLE!

Hi!! I Know I was HIATUS but I had to tell you about this amaaazing thing! This a very exciting kinda giveaway! Do check out the original post!

𝟛 𝔽𝕣𝕚𝕖𝕟𝕕𝕤 𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣

Hola! Eeshani here! So as you can see by the title, I am doing a blog promotion raffle. Here’s the info:

How to Sign Up

To sign up, fill out a Google Form. PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BY FEB. 6TH. I will give you your virtual raffle ticket by FEB 7TH, and there will be more information in the email for the virtual ticket. Now that we’ve gotten that sorted out, here’s the Google Form link.

The Prize

Since this is my first giveaway type of thing, I’m giving out a small prize: a blog promotion.

So, yeah! That’s all of the info! We’ll see you in the next post!

(On behalf of the 3FF’s team)

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