I’m back from Hiatus! + Some announcements!

Heyo!!!!! I’m finally back!!!! My exams are over YAY! I missed you’all So so much!!!!

Now back to the original intro😉 Welcome to my blog Krisha’s Twilight if your new! And Welcome backk!!!!!

My new divider!

So peeps I have some announcements!

  1. Thankyou so so so much for nominating me for the tags and awards!❤️ I’m really sorry if I’m not able to do the tag you’ve nominated me for! I will slowly slowly start doing the awards in sometime.
  2. I’ve created a contact page! If any questions or anything just send it through that page!
  3. Finally! Evin helped me make a blog button!!!!!! So a big big thanks to her! And i made a Blog buttons page! So If you want to exchange just drop a comment at that page!
  4. Wait wait wait! I’m not done yet! So as you guys would have noticed I’ve changed my background and everything! I’ve moved from my winter theme
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So that’s it!! Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Love ya’all! 💕


My new sign off!