A few announcements I’d like to make!

Hi guys! I Hope you are all well! Welcome or Welcome back!

I know I was supposed to post earlier but I wasn’t able too😬 I am really sorry! 🥺

So my testes which my teachers call ‘periodic exams’ are coming up! They are mostly for 20 to 30 marks. So I had planned 2 -3 posts but they will be kinda delayed because of those 20-30 marks (your reaction: It is just 20 to 30 markssssssss!!!!) I know know, but they will have to be delayed or else my mom will kill me!😞😒 ( do you want me stop blogging)

So, I am not going on hiatus or anything. They posts will be delayed but I will keep posting!

And my mother is really ill.. I am having to take care of my little sister and make her do her online classes and do mine. So It is being quite difficult for even though my grandparents are here. But the person who could mainly help would be my father. He is out for station!!!

I will think about that poetry blog I told you guys about and if it is yes from my parents I will start working on it after my so called tests!

I hope you guys understand my situation🙂

And… If you want to have a collab with me or nominate me or want anything from me! I’ll be happy to do it.

Umm… So that is it for today!


Surprise Reveal from Bright Light Shine l First post

Hey guys! Pls do check Eesh’s blog out! And I will be posting a post soon!


Hey guys! It’s me Eesh from Bright Light Shine Do follow that too! , I opened a second blog! as I posted today on my blog about a surprise and the surprise is here!!. and even I made my blog button

Here is my blog button!! How’s it? Wanna swap with me comment on blog button swap section

Here I’ll design anything for you guys like blog button, wallpapers, lock screen, blog make over, sidebar, sign off, and anything!!!!!. The great thing is that is 100%FREE! and YOU CAN GIVE ME MORE THAN 1 THING TO MAKE but you’ll have to link my blog and credit in your any post, after I design. I hope you find this intresting!

Every Sunday I’ll post a new post on which I’ll attach some really cool wallpapers I’ll design!

You can give me anything to design, like anything!! I am OKAY with everything!…

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A little announcement!

Welcome or Welcome back! I hope you all are doing ok!

This is gonna be a very short post!

I have 2 little announcements. Make sure you read the post till the end.

So as I have mentioned many times in my previous posts that I am gonna do an award, now it is taking me a lot of time with that. So I have decided to do a q & a! Yay! So put your questions down in the comments below!

Secondly, I am planning to create a poetry blog! Umm.. yes maybe.. I know my poems are not that good my I have a small passion to write them now… I have written a few and wanna share them as a separate blog because you know this blog I have is not related to any poetry sort of thing…

So don’t forget your questions and some suggestions about that blog I was talking about!

That’s it for today!



Heyo heyo hi! Welcome to Krisha’s twilight if you are new here, if you are not welcome back!!!!!

So you guys know my last post was on my birthday! I haven’t posted since then…

I am kinda very busy with all the school work so I thought I will quickly catch-up with you guys!

So I was planning an award but it is taking me time to you know plan the prompts the prizes and all..🧐

I would really like if you guys give me some tips and all!

So if you would like me to do something or just create a post on a specific topic! i would love to hear you all.

I am going to keep this short and I am sorry I am just randomly posting out of nowhere and in such a borrringly boring and not nice manner, I am really sorry!🥺

Byee Have a great day!!!

Today is it!🎊🎉 + The Liebster Award!!!

Hiiiii!!!!! How are you’all??

Today is 25th march! I am so happy!! Ohh wait if so of you don’t remember it is my b’day today!!!!! yay!

So in the my previous post I asked you to help me with what to do on the occasion of 100 followers! I had 3 to 4 of you reply to that! (Thanks!💖) and you guys said a q and a or contest.

So I recently did an assumptions post so I’ll do a contest!You will get to know all about it soon!

Now for the award I am doing!

Thank you so much Lydia for nominating me! Don’t forget to check out her blog!!

So here we go-

Lydia’s questions-

  1. What’s your favourite animal?
    It is so hard to choose one! I’ll tell you my most favourites ok? Rabbits, Dogs and Cats!!!🐇 🐕 🐈
  2. If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would that thing be?
    Umm……. It is so hard to choose! Why do they so tuff questions
  3. What are some things you like to do in your spare time?
    Writing poems, drawing and painting and reading books!
  4. What’s your favourite book?
    Pls don’t tell me to choose between books! pwease pwetty pwease!🥺
  5. If you could have any animal you wanted as a pet, what would you choose?
    A rabbit or a dog!
  6. Do you like to paint?
  7. Have you ever gone fishing?
  8. Do you like gardening?
  9. What’s your favourite school subject?
    History, English, Science and Math
  10. Which do you like better?-Duct tape or washi tape?
    I have never used washi tape so…
  11. Do you like writing letters?

I nominate-

You all! ( I have done this award many times so I am not nominating anyone if you want to do it, feel free to!0

Questions will remain the same!

So this is it for this post!


100 FOLLOWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! + The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Heyo!!!! So yes yes yes these are two things I can’t believe! I am so surprised so so surprised!

Thank you thankyou thankyou thankyou guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

at first when I started I was like my blog won’t get more than 10 followers but now you guys have like uhhhh! I can’t really describe my feelings in words right now!💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

I love you guys!

So we party!!!!!! And wait till the end! because there is an announcement coming up!

Oh wait I also have to do an award! So we will party in the next post and give me ideas what to do for 100 followers like some of you do q and a etc.

The Vincent Ehindero Blogger Award

Thankyou so much Poorwa! Do check out Poorwa’s blog! She is a wonderful writer!

So here we go-

(Her questions will be in in italics)

  1. Your recent favorite post you read on WP?
    It is so hard to decide! I really can’t tell!
  2. Harry Potter- Books or Movies?
    Both of them are nice but I liked the books better for some reason!😁
  3. How you knew about blogging?
    through one of my best friends Chloe!💕
  4. How long do you sleep?
    Ummm………………………………. Currently my math is not working😬
  5. What’s the song you’ve been listening to since you were a child?
    I don’t really know what you mean by child but from the age of 6 or 7 I used to listen to the songs closer and Cheap thrills.🎶
  6. If you could ask the lamp genie to grant your 3 wishes, what would you ask for?
    Do I have to decide that now???? Umm.. ok the first would to make the world a better place with equality and all.. and the rest I’ll tell you later!😉
  7. How much do you love yourself?
    Sometimes I love my self sometimes I don’t!😬🤪

I nominate!






And you!!!! If you wanna do this award you’re free to do it!!

And the questions are same!

So now for the announcements!

  1. Like I said before I wanted you guys to give me ideas for 100 followers like a Q and A etc.
  2. I will not be able to do the awards and tags I was nominated for in my Hiatus! I’m really sorry for that😞
  3. Please remind me of the award that you had nominated me for after my Hiatus and I’ve not done it till now.

So that is it!

Byeeee! Have a good and keep smiling!

March!!! + For the Love of animals!

Heyooooo Peeps!!! Happy marchhhh!!!!!

I hope you guys are alrighty right!

So moi b’day is on 25thhhhh March!!! We’re so close! 😃

Anndddd we’re doing Zee Animal Tag!!!!

So here we go-

I’d like to Thank D@Introvert Thoughts! Thankyou so much D for nominating me for this award! And I’m really sorry I am doing it so so late!

So let’s startLink back to original creator – Cari

◦ Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw this tag (Cari).
◦ Answer all the questions.
◦ Add one more question of your own.
◦ Tag at least 5 people.
◦ Don’t lie.
Have fun!

Now to the questions-

1.What is your favourite animal?
Dogs🐶, cats😺, rabbits🐇 and more!

2.What got you interested in animals?
Ummmmmmmmm……… IDK

3.Do you have a pet?
No!!!😭 😿 I always wanted one and I would probably get one once I am 12 or 13…

4.What is you’re favourite nonfiction book about animals?
I’ve never read any books of that kind 😬 💁🏻‍♀️

5.What is your favorite fiction book about animals?
It is Black Beauty!!!! and sadle I don’t know who the author is!😬

6.Have you been a part of any animal conservation efforts?
Nope! Not till now

7.What is your top bucket list dream that you would do with animals?
Ummmm………………………………………… Never thought about it actually..

8.Have you ever dressed up like an animal?
Yes, yes, I have! I dressed like a butterfly, lady bird anddddddddddddddddd the other one I can’t remember! Thanks to my wonderful memory! *speaks to her brain ” Oh you memory you’ve helped me a lot!”* 🤪

9. In the poem, Animals by Walt Whitman, the poet states that,
“They do not sweat and whine about their condition,
They do not lie awake in the dark and weep for their sins..”

Do you agree?

Um… Yes, I do

I Nominate-


So That’s it for this post! I’ll see you all with other award posts soon!


Happy Birthday to 2 people!

Heyo peeps, I know I know this was to be an award post but I’m sorry I will do them laterrrr!!

So starting with the post!

So according to IST here it is 26th feb 8:48a.m. So yesterday was 25th here I’m really sorry I couldn’t wish you yesterday but I will today!!!


I’m really sorry Shruthika I coudn’t make anything special for you!

So guys what are you waiting for!! go spam her comments with birthday wishes!!

But waaiiittt!!!! go after reading this post!!!

So next is my Grand mom’s birthday!!!!!!! (26th feb) Sooo yesterday night I made a card for her and wrote a poem… and left it in kitchen around 12am so that she doesn’t realise that I came downstairs and today morning as I went downstairs she hugged me!!! WAIT A SEC! WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS AMAZINGLY BORING STORY!!!

So This is how the poem goes…

To my loving grandmother with all my heart…

You gave your life for us,
You were always concentrated on us.

You are the one who helps me with studies,
Oh! we are like the best buddies!

When you scold me I may have not realised,
That it is blessing in disguise!

You are the shining star in the sleepy sky,
You are the wings which will help me fly!


So guys (DO NOT COPY) I wrote this on my own! I hope you like it!!!

( I’m sorry this post was without emojis as emojis were not working on my laptop!)

So will see you soon!